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 Buy Vip here!

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PostSubject: Buy Vip here!   Buy Vip here! I_icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2013 9:37 pm

Here is where you can buy Vip!

By donating you agree that If you abuse your rank, either by randomly votebanning or votekicking, or job abusing! You will be removed from the donator group! By donating you are giving us $10, most of the money will go towards the server and website though at times some of It will go towards personal needs.

By donating $10 you will receive:
Professional Thief
Professional Hitman
Serial Killer
Special Forces
Black Market Dealer
Voteban ability
Votekick ability
Access to the future printers being added

Note: The privileges given to you are prone to change! Jobs may be replaced or new jobs may be added to the bunch! Commands and promises of new content may also be changed! Promises of new content can also be terminated!

You can donate by following this link:
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Buy Vip here!
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